What is Contour Light?

Though the very definition of ‘beauty’ had undergone several overhaul these past few years, the fact remains that it is still one of the most sought after ideals by today’s society. For this reason, there’s literally dozens of cosmetic products and procedures that you can use to physically achieve beauty. One of the most recent development in cosmetic technology is contour lighting.

Modern Body Shaping: The Use of Contour Light  

The use of contour light as a non-invasive body shaping and skin rejuvenating tool is fairly new. While diet and exercise remain to be the best course of action for those who want to lose the extra pounds, these actions are both time-consuming. This isn’t to mention that not everyone is physically and medically capable of sweating out the fat.

Thus, some people resort to more desperate measures like liposuction to get into shape. However, for those who cannot tolerate the pain of cosmetic surgery, the next best thing is to try using contour light to naturally slim and tone down areas. This procedure is specifically useful on areas that are hard to get into shape like the waist, arms, and chin.

Contour lighting uses the heat from LED light to stimulate and metabolize the fat cells of the targeted area. At the same time, the process also increases the skin’s collagen production which makes the skin on that particular area look slimmer and younger.

Does Contour Light Procedure Work?

Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to shaping and toning your body. Nevertheless, several clinical studies show that exposure to LED light’s wavelength (around 635nm) is effective in stimulating fat cell, which eventually leads to breaking it down to simple triglycerides.

The results ultimately varies with the patient. If contour lighting is coupled with the right diet and exercise, there’s a high probability that you’ll reach your goal faster and its effects will last longer.